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Dear Patient,


We are pleased to announce that The Thorpe Bay & Shaftesbury Avenue Surgery under the care of Dr B Agha and Dr H A Siddique and North Shoebury Surgery under the care of Dr H A Siddique and Tabitha Love will be merging on the 7th of November 2023.  


We believe the merger of the two practices will be in the best interests of all patients because together we will be in a much stronger position to meet the growing health and care needs of our patients.


It also means that GPs, nurses, practice staff and other healthcare professionals, will be able to pool their expertise, skills and knowledge, to enable the delivery of a wider range of high-quality care, for all patients. 


As of the 7th of November 2023, the merged surgeries will continue to operate from all sites as before. You do not have to do anything if you are happy to be a patient of these newly merged practices. If you are not happy to do so, you are welcome to approach any other practice of your choice and register with them. 



To make an appointment from the 7th of November 2023 you can contact your practice in the normal way, using the existing telephone numbers and Anima


Our patients’ views are important to us and if you have any comments or questions, please contact your Surgery.


Yours sincerely


Dr B Agha: Partner                    

Dr H A Siddique: Partner

Tabitha Love: Partner



WHY MERGE THE PRACTICES?  The NHS is changing rapidly and NHS England is mandating practices to work much more collaboratively across larger patient populations.


We want to ensure that the patients of all practices continue to receive high quality medical care. We are now looking after patients with complex medical problems; patients with more than one long term illness as well as increasing patient expectation. We want to continue to be able to offer a personal approach to those with long term health problems, as well as be able to respond to those with more urgent health needs. We feel the best way to ensure this happens is to bring together both practices so that we can share our pool of knowledge and skills.


WILL I BE ABLE TO SEE MY USUAL DOCTOR OR NURSE?  Continuity of care is valued by both patients and doctors. Even though there will be a larger team of doctors and nurses, every effort will be made to maintain continuity. For urgent health problems, there will still be on the day consultations available, but we will have increased flexibility to respond more effectively to the daily demand.


I HAVE A LONG-TERM HEALTH PROBLEM – HOW WILL THIS AFFECT MY CARE?  Every effort will be made to ensure that you continue to see your preferred GP for ongoing care. If you usually attend a specific clinic such as diabetes clinic etc., this will continue.


WILL OPENING HOURS CHANGE?  Core opening hours will remain the same with telephone lines open for all patients from 8.00 am until 6.30 pm Monday to Friday.


BOOKING APPOINTMENTS – WILL I SEE ANY CHANGES? The Practices have recently implemented Anima, making the appointment requirement fair across all sites.


MY MEDICAL RECORDS – HOW WILL THESE BE AFFECTED?  Our clinical system provider will merge the electronic records of all our patients. Whichever clinician manages your care, will be able to access your records, no matter which practice you were registered with. All paper records are stored securely and these will stay at your current practice.


PRESCRIPTIONS – HOW WILL THESE BE AFFECTED?  With a shared computer system there should be no change in the current way you order or receive your prescriptions. If you order your prescriptions online, then we may need to update your access details. Further information will be provided as we ourselves find out more about the process that will be required.


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