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Patient Participation Group (PPG)

What is the Patient Participation Group?

Southend East PCN along with our 5 GP practices 

Dr Irlam & Partner - Central Surgery

North Shoebury Surgery

The Thorpe Bay Surgery and Shaftesbury Avenue Surgery Branch 

Drs Kumar & Sinha, Shoebury Health Centre

Dr Palacin, Shoebury Health Centre

set up the PPG so that we could listen and engage with our patient population in order to support service improvement and better meet the needs of the practice population.

The PPG aims to:

  • Develop a partnership with patients

  • Discover what our patients think about the services we provide and establish their priorities

  • Provide a platform to test and modify future ideas and plans

  • Improve patient care, quality, experience and safety

  • Promote patient empowerment

It provides evidence-based feedback to the practice about the services the practice offers and works with the surgery to improve Practice services.

The membership is open to any patients registered at one of our 5 GP practices.

As agreed with the PPG the Practice will provide the necessary support to enable the group to function effectively.

The meetings are held here at the Norton Place 162 Ness Rd SS39DL usually on a Wednesday.

The contribution of patients to PPG activity is a valued resource and it is recognised that members give their time freely to contribute.

There is no expectation for frequency of attendance or participation. Non-PPG members who wish to attend the PPG meeting as observers are welcome.

Accountability and Governance

The PPG is accountable to the public, who will expect PPG members to behave with probity and to exhibit good governance.

The Practice has statutory responsibilities on information governance, e.g. confidentiality, and has a duty of care to all patients. The Practice will never disclose patient information to any patient or PPG member.

So that the Practice population can have confidence in the running, probity and governance of the PPG all approved PPG members sign up to these principles as set out below.

Join our PPG 

Our PPG Group is part of

Southend East PCN and held at 

Norton Place 162 Ness Road




The Next PPG Meeting is Wednesday 13th September at 10.30am

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